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Why would Robredo Envy Binay’s Investment after her Wealth Drops by 2M?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay remain humble despite the series of corruption allegations. Binay explained in 2103 his investment for the profit he made that resulted in his net worth of P60 Million. There’s indeed no comparison with Leni Robredo on the concept of; you reap what you sow.

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Binay’s Nature

Misjudged, condemned and accused of stealing by detractors that cost him the presidency but Binay continues being a public servant without an official title. He’s back to his charity foundation in Makati, helps in his law firm, consultant to various institutions not to mention his daily rounds in the community. His family is currently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Israel.

No Comparison

Since her proclamation, Vice President Leni Robredo’s net worth drops by over P2 million. It is a drop of 19.7% over a 6-month period. In contrast, her predecessor, former vice president Binay, saw his net worth drop by only around P666,000 within the first 6 months of his term back in 2010. This is beside the fact that both faces electoral protests for the same post. The only difference is, it costs a lot of money for Robredo to counter-act Bongbong Marcos’ allegations of fraud than Binay. The latter completed his term as the honorable VP.

Robredo’s Retaliation

Robredo is also not safe from bashers. She also faces two impeachment complaints aside from Marcos’ electoral protest. She retaliates by bad-mouthing the administration in international events. She complains via social media and now runs a radio show for her sentiments and insights showing how inexperienced she is with the plight of the marginalized poor.

Reap what you Sow

In her June 2016 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN), Robredo declared a net worth of P11.05 million. Six months later, her net worth dropped to P8.88 million. There’s a difference of over P2 million, or a 19.7% drop in her wealth. Her predecessor, meanwhile, began his term with a net worth more than 5 times more than Robredo. Binay, a longtime mayor of Makati City, had a net worth of P58.76 million as of June 2010. It increased to P 60 million in 2013. Clearly, right investments and positive attitude help in attaining prosperous finances.

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LP Uses the Senate to Discredit Binay but Roxas Remains a Loser like Robredo vs Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court or SC dismissed the electoral protest filed by Mar Roxas against Jejomar Binay in the 2010 vice presidential election in August of 2016. It is “on the ground of mootness.” The decision comes after the national elections when Vice President Leni Robredo is declared the new VP. Just like Roxas, Robredo has the power advantage being in the position. Roxas as appointed by ex-Pnoy for the DILG post and Robredo as the current VP. Since Roxas remains a loser after the senate’s character assassination against Binay, it’s more likely that Robredo follows suit.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Mar Roxas challenges Binay to just answer the alleged mountain-like senate allegations against former VP Jejomar Binay – but in the end, such cases can never proceed due because the courts cannot find probable cause. This is a great example of LP lies.

Importance of Electoral Protest for Marcos

In the case of the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest filed against VP Leni Robredo, Marcos is certain that Robredo’s camp will do all it can to delay the process just like the Roxas-Binay case. At the rate it is going, it could be that a decision can only be reached after the VP post’s 6-year term. Nevertheless, Marcos is determined to pursue this to know the truth. If he wins without gaining back the post, it will give him an edge for the 2022 Presidential elections against any LP candidate.

Robredo Repeats Martial Law Lies

Similar to Roxas’ ways, Robredo sounds like a broken music player repeating all the martial law lies just to tarnish the reputation of Bongbong Marcos. She uses her office to travel around the country and overseas to refresh the alleged wrong history of the Marcos era through school or forum speeches. She is not at all into helping alleviate poverty but more on preserving her power for the next higher level.

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Brainwashed by the Liberal Party

It is evident that there are still people who are brainwashed by the Liberal Party members. They are particularly the Marcos and Binay haters. So, there’s no surprise when the Bihomadu or the Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 alliance comes to light.

Eliminate the LP from the Executive Office

The ultimate goal of the Bihomadu with Pastor Boy Saycon of the Binay camp’s initiative is to prevent the Liberal Party from dominating the executive office. As a king-maker, Saycon leads the Bihomadu’s backing up of Bongbong Marcos as president for 2022 or even before.

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Initial Defeat of Vice President Leni Robredo over Electoral Protest of Bongbong Marcos

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Marcos spokesman and lawyer Victor Rodriguez said the tribunal effectively denies the motion of Robredo to conduct a preliminary hearing on the election protest or dismiss it for lack of jurisdiction. The Marcos camp hopes that all delays are prevented so that the protest can finally move forward. There is a need to bring out the truth about the 2016 elections. Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal, downplays the significance of the resolution, saying it is just a procedural matter – but in reality, it is their initial defeat because the court disagrees with their claim that Marcos filed the protest in the wrong venue.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Bigo si Vice President Leni Robredo na pigilan ang Supreme Court bilang Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) na dinggin ang election protest ni dating Senador Bongbong Marcos. Bandila, Pebrero 16, 2017,

Protest is not Junked

Marcos accuses the camp of Vice President Leni Robredo of benefiting from “massive electoral fraud, anomalies, and irregularities.” These are pre-shading of ballots, pre-loaded secure digital cards, misreading of ballots, malfunctioning vote-counting machines, and an “abnormally high” unaccounted votes for the disputed VP post. The tribunal also dismisses the plea of Marcos that Robredo’s response to the election protest must be junked for being filed late. However, the protest is not dismissed in favor of Marcos.

Buying Time

The case still goes through the usual tedious and lengthy process. Revision and recount of the ballots require lots of time,” Macalintal said. The ballot boxes and their contents are retrieved from various provinces for the recount by PET. This gives Macalintal’s team ample time to study their possible defenses on Marcos’ accusations.

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Leni Robredo is Trying to Keep her Cool

Vice President Leni Robredo may find refuge in the long process of the electoral protest but she cannot hide the fact that she is scared of Bongbong Marcos’ assuming the DILG cabinet post. She can only blame the delayed payments of alleged martial law human rights victims – when the Marcoses have nothing to do with it anymore. Since PCGG already sequesters some of the Marcoses’ personal wealth, the government has enough funds to pay the claimants off, if they wanted to.

Proofs are Not a Problem for Bongbong Marcos

To prove that Leni Robredo is a beneficiary of Liberal Party’s fraudulent acts during the 2016 elections is not a problem for Bongbong Marcos. All evidence are already submitted. Various groups bravely back Marcos on this one, including the Binay, Honasan, Marcos and the President’s alliance force or Bihomadu. Pastor Boy Saycon of the Binay camp presents witnesses to the senate earlier to attest Liberal Party people manipulate votes.

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Marcos and Digong Attacks: Beware of Communists Pretending to be Human Rights Advocates


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa is not surprised when Senior Supt. Felmo Escobal, the PNP liaison officer to Malacañang advises him of the President’s instruction for undisciplined policemen to start cleaning up the heavily polluted Pasig river. The President even expresses his disappointment by saying that he will let them eat the water lilies to remove obstruction from its passageways. The President is often accused of human rights violations because of his disciplinary actions just like the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos during Martial Law. In reality, the figures show that human rights abuses continued under Cory Aquino after it. The 7,444 arrests in 1987 are even the highest in the 14-year period. Extrajudicial killings also continued.

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: President Duterte finds a unique way to punish police scalawags: Clean the polluted Pasig River. Video by RTVM

Marcos – Aquino Alleged Human Rights Abuses

There are three times more arrests per year during Cory Aquino’s time than under Marcos: 3,627 against 1,960. The average of those killed and disappeared during Aquino’s watch is 244 annually, which isn’t too far from Marcos’ 296. Now, why do they want Bongbong Marcos to apologize for the human rights abuses under his father’s government? Shouldn’t they ask former President Benigno Aquino III and his sisters to apologize for those human rights accusations during their mother’s time? What about the Mendiola massacre of January 1987? Shouldn’t the Aquinos apologize for this?

Communists’ Way of Portraying the Government as Evil

During the Martial Law, the insurgency is totally controlled by underground cadres of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Communist activists released from prison routinely manned their offices before they go underground again in the 1980s. Since Filipinos are anti-communist, the only way for the Communist Party to get more allies is to portray the government as so ruthless and evil, which everyone should fight against. This happens during the Marcos regime as well as in the current administration.

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Discipline for Minor Offenses

The tugboat of the President when crossing from Bahay Pangarap to Malacañang always gets blocked by water lilies – thereby prompting Digong to let the policemen clean it up as punishment for minor offenses. Dela Rosa only says that they will clean up the hyacinths and not eaten up as the president joked. The PNP chief stressed that minor offenses such as frequent absences to tardiness are not grounds for service removal. Policemen who commit these acts can still be rehabilitated unlike those who commit heinous acts.

Heinous Offenses

Those who commit heinous acts are beyond economical, moral and spiritual repair. They are the ones that will be removed from the police force, Dela Rosa added.

Human rights abuses under Cory as bad as dictator’s record – Marcos critics’ own data

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Marcos and Digong’s Sultanate of Sulu Support Outweights the Traitors of Philippines’ Sabah Sovereignty


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos urges former president Benigno Aquino III to protect the Sultanate of Sulu’s men during the Lahad Datu standoff. This plea was ignored. Marcos insists that despite the incompetence of Aquino, his father’s Sabah claim must be pursued. This is supported by the current administration that irked Malaysia nowadays.

Youtube video by; NewsBeat Social
[VIDEO]: Philippine President-elect Rody Duterte maintains the government’s policy that Sabah is part of the province of Sulu, even though the UN recognizes the territory as part of Malaysia.

Jovito Salonga

The late and former Senator Jovito R. Salonga argues that the heirs of the sultan, including the late Jamalul D. Kiram III, do not possess absolute sovereignty over Sabah. He wrongly states that Sabah is not a part of the Philippine territory because it has no historical, legal and moral basis. Salonga even urged Malaysia to stop paying rent to the Kiram family in 1963. This is when the Sabahans voted to be part of Malaysia due allegedly to grieve threats to deport them. The question is, if Sabah is not owned by the Philippines, why is Malaysia paying rent even until now?

Francis Escudero

Senator Francis Escudero states his opinion that the Sabah claim is a personal issue involving the sultan of Sulu. For him, the fight is a private right and a private claim. He also denounces to acknowledged that Sabah is part of the Philippines. Escudero believed that the sultan is bullied and heirs should fight their own battle without relying on the government and inciting nationalist sentiment. Is he trying to avoid critics for deciding to stay in the middle?

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Ninoy Aquino

The late and also ex-senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr on Aug 21, 1983, promised Malaysian authorities that the Philippines would drop its claim over Sabah. This is in exchange for its support in the move to oust his presidential rival, Marcos. The evident proof of Ninoy’s pledge to Malaysia is found in the 1987 Constitution. It is written during the presidency of his widow, Corazon Aquino.

Cory Aquino

Cory Aquino honors her husband’s commitment to Malaysia because she needed support from the ASEAN nations to make her ascendancy to the presidency legitimate through the people power revolution. The 1987 Constitution amended the first article of the 1973 Constitution and removed the phrase, and all other territories belonging to the Philippines by historic right or legal title. The 1987 Constitution revised the definition of Philippine territory and deleted Sabah as a historic claim backed up by the legal title pertaining to the Sultanate of Sulu. On March 10, 2009, president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed an R.A. 9522, amending R.A. 5446, which removes the mentioning of Sabah or North Borneo in the Archipelagic Baselines of the Philippines law. The removal of the specific reference to Sabah creates a blow for the Sultanate of Sulu. Princess Jacel Kiram, the daughter of Jamalul Kiram III, accused the Aquino administration of protecting the interests of Malaysia instead of his own Filipino people.