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Catholic Scare: Alvarez’s Death Penalty Advise Inspired by Satan?

Death Penalty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez advises Filipino Catholics to convert to another religion should they be treated as outcasts for supporting the reinstatement of the death penalty. This is the revelation of the Catholic Bishops recently who opposes its reimposition in the country.

Youtube video by; Pilipinas Cnn News
[VIDEO]: House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is confident that the death penalty will be passed before the year ends

Not Allowed for Communion

Alvarez discloses in a radio interview that he would back President Duterte’s wish for the reimposition of the death penalty. Some Catholics who are refused Communion when they supported the Reproductive Health Law in the past, he commented that they better give up the Catholic religion! He added that the important thing is they believe in God. He is the author of a bill that would impose the death penalty in cases of heinous crimes.

Separation of Church from State

Alvarez reminds Church leaders of the separation of Church and State. The Church should focus on social work, he added. The justice committee of the House of Representatives passed a resolution to reimpose the death penalty.

Not Only Catholics are Against Death Penalty

Surveys reveal that not only Catholics are against the death penalty. Citizens who are aware of the barbaric practice of death penalty and lapses in judgment that put innocent people on death row in the past ages are violently against the death penalty.

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Marcos Himself Even Faced Death Penalty

On September 20, 1935, Mariano Marcos’ political rival, Nalundasan was shot dead at his home by then 18-year-old son Ferdinand. The young law student is convicted with the death penalty for the killing in November 1939. He appealed to the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 1940. He brilliantly defended himself after passing the bar exam while in prison. The young Ferdinand Marcos managed to get his conviction overturned despite strong evidence of the case. In the first place, how can an 18-year old armed man get into the highly secured location of the politician?

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