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If Only All Catholics are Like Pope Francis to Bless Duterte and the Country

Pope Francis

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Imee Marcos, governor of Ilocos Norte and sister of Bongbong Marcos, ones cites Pope Francis as she calls for the forgiveness that the Pope campaigns for to the alleged human rights victims and other critics of her father, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos to move on and let their dead be buried as rightfully deemed so by the Supreme Court. Just recently, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Jesus Dureza meets with Pope Francis in Rome, Italy. He asks the 80-year-old pontiff to bless the Philippines. Pope Francis replies that he will also bless the President.

Youtube video by; NewsBeat Social
[VIDEO]: Pope Francis on Jan. 18 blessed the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte after he received a personal letter from the country’s leader.

Some Bishops Condemns Duterte

While some bishops from the CBCP condemn Duterte for alleged extra-judicial deaths, the reimposition of the death penalty and the controversial Marcos burial, their top leader, Pope Francis blesses the subject of their criticisms. This is quite a contrast. Why do Catholic local leaders do not follow the Pope’s example?

Change Religion

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez urges Catholics not to be scared if they are shunned by religious leaders for supporting the Duterte administration’s policies, such as the reimposition of the death penalty. There are reports that disobedient Catholics to the church are refused communion – and so Alvarez advises them to look for another religion.

Concentrate on Social Services

Alvarez exposes his sentiments why these Bishops critical of Duterte are meddling in government affairs when they have lots to do in the area of social services. There are hungry people out there and they should prioritize that than standing along the way of the president, Alvarez implies.

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The Pope is Humble Enough to Forgive

Duterte during the presidential campaign accidentally curses the traffic organizers but the media made it look like he curses the Pope over the traffic congestion during the papal visit in January 2015. This is already clarified by the president and no ill feelings can ever be detected from the holy man, Pope Francis – but kindness, love, and humility.

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