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Cause of Destructive Summer Fires in California not known – hampering Prevention


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Summer hires has destroyed homes, put off power outages and evacuated  residents to temporary shelters lately in California. The list goes:

Blue Cut fire: 9,000 acres just before 15 Freeway in Cajon Pass
Clayton fire: 4,000 acres and 175 structures burned near Clear Lake where 20% already contained
Chimney fire: 6,400 acres and 12 structures destroyed in San Luis Obispo County where 10% already contained

Two brush fires additionally erupted at Camp Pendleton and Firefighters there were battling two brush fires in one night, and the larger of the blazes had unfortunately spread out to about 30 acres, the report said.

The larger fire was observed to br burning toward the northeast, approaching the residential DeLuz housing complex at the Marine Corps base, said the officer from the North County Fire Protection District.

The fire fortunately did not threaten the adjacent communities of Fallbrook or Bonsall which was a relief to many, according to the Fire Protection District.

Firefighters additionally were also battling a half-acre vegetation of fire that was burning somewhere near the Santa Margarita housing area, aadded the Camp Pendleton Fire Department.

It is not known yet what sparked the fires hampering prevention efforts during this summer time in California.


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