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Cayetano: President Needs Rest to Supervise Marawi War, VP Takes Care of Independence Day Rites


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary, Allan Peter Cayetano said that between 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM, he receives a call from the presidential staff that the president won’t be attending the Independence Day Rites at Luneta. Two or three hours sleep these past days for the Philippine leader exhaust him. He is about to attend a meeting for Marawi in Mindanao. So, it is wise to have a sound mind when doing so.

Youtube video from; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano says the President did not attend the early morning ceremony because he was ‘not feeling well.’

President’s Presence

This may be the first time in recent years that a Philippine President skipped the Independence Day rites. This was also Du30’s first Independence Day as president. Malacañang earlier released his message for Independence Day. He calls on Filipinos to preserve Philippine sovereignty.

VP’s Role

Vice President Leni Robredo led the wreath-laying and flag-raising ceremony on the president’s behalf which is just prim and proper. Foreign Affairs Secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano assisted her. This is called professional delegation of tasks. The president certainly does not have to spread himself too thin. He is needed in the areas where delicate decision makings are needed at once.

More Needed in Action

Given the Marawi circumstance, the president is much more needed to be on top of the situation in Mindanao. He is not a president who is fond of ceremonial rites but a man of action. Even Superman needs a  rest. How much more a 72-year old leader amidst terrorism threats in a divided nation can take? He is in fact, the oldest president in the country’s presidential line-up so far.

Not Like Marcos

The president has his own style. Unlike the late Ferdinand E. Marcos and perhaps his son, Bongbong Marcos, Du30 is not a formal event speaker. He likes impromptu speeches and tends to shy away from ceremonial functions. They may both believe in what good martial law can bring but there’s no comparison between them. Both just acted out according to the situation given for the good of the country and not just for show.

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