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Cebu is Not Bongbong Marcos’ Pilot Province but he Got 53 Less Votes from Manual Count


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Elena Grace Flores

A “random statistics report” that ex-Congressman Glenn Chong got a copy of showed the results for the VP race in 40 select precincts in Cebu City which is not Bongbong Marcos’ pilot province for the recount. This takes place in the revision of votes in the election protest of Protestant mayoral candidate Michael Rama versus the incumbent mayor Tomas Osmeña. The report was based on election returns as printed by the vote-counting machines and compared to the physical counting of ballot marks. Chong said Marcos’ vote “discrepancy” was bigger than Robredo’s. In 14 out of 40 precincts that showed a discrepancy, the total votes for Marcos in the election returns was 53 votes less than in the physical count. In Robredo’s case, the difference was only 13.

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[VIDEO]: Atty. Glenn Chong explains digital election fraud via Smartmatic’s PCOS machines.


System Failure or Manipulation

“For us, for me, there can be no other explanation, that this was a manipulation,” said Chong. “Whether the machine got it wrong or there was cheating,” “the machine count still wasn’t right. Because when you ‘extrapolate’ it, there’s a big difference between the actual vote count and the machine count,” added Chong. The former Congressman and lawyer was the one who exposes that he was offered to win the election in exchange for millions of Pesos.

Cebu is Not Marcos’ Pilot Province

Robredo won in Cebu (plus Lapu-Lapu City) and Cebu City, getting a combined 817,052 votes, versus Marcos’ 310,054 votes. Asked about whether this would help Marcos in his VP election protest, Chong said that Cebu City and Cebu province are in the protest, but not among the “pilot” areas. Marcos should prove his case first in his 3 pilot areas before the rest of the areas in the protest.

Discrepancies in Many Areas can Cover the Slim Margin

Marcos’ pilot provinces are Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental. He lost to Robredo by only 263,473 votes. His election protest contested Robredo’s victory. The decryption and the printing of the ballots are now ongoing. However, the PET still has to order the retrieval of the ballot boxes for the manual recount from these areas.

Defending the Election’s Integrity

Chong said that the source of the “random statistics report” was former Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. Brillantes commented on Chong’s claim saying that; he “assures Marcos whom he supports that there are no supposed manipulations being made.” Chong retaliated with logical reasoning; “If it were not for Brillantes, then we wouldn’t have been able to know it. In a way, I thank him,” said Chong. “He declared himself as the source, and that document becomes credible,” he added.

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