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The Champion that Digong Wants is Bongbong Marcos for the Country’s Progress


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It the late 1960s during martial law that the young Digong was transformed from family black sheep to a wise man. He graduated from college and passed the bar. Upon his return to Davao, he was appointed city prosecutor. It is a position he held until the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos stepped down from power. His mother Soledad refused the offer of the late President Cory Aquino to be officer-in-charge of Davao City in 1986. She recommended her son instead. Du30 then became a prosecutor where confronts the society’s problems. Now, he is the country’s boss and looks forward to the takeover of his champion.

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Marcos’ Martial Law is Very Good

The President openly expresses his admiration for the former President Ferdinand Marcos. He said that the late dictator’s martial law was “good.” He ignores the human rights abuses at that time because he knows by heart that collateral damage can happen under the martial rule. But deems it necessary to save the country.

Macoy was an Enterprising President

Du30 also praises the departed Marcos, as he lauds the former president’s agricultural policies. In a speech in Malacañang, Du30 said that Marcos was the “most enterprising” Filipino president. His achievements are evident in his Biyayang Dagat and Masagana 99 programs.

The Late President was Never a Killer

Digong expressed again his admiration for Ferdinand Marcos. “Marcos was never really a killer. He wants processes to be followed,” The President said in a speech at the National Summit Authority (NHA) in Quezon City. He recalls how the late strongman handled communist rebels. This is by citing the case of former rebel priest and now Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco Jr.

Time for the Son to be the Country’s Champion

With the president’s wisdom, he strongly feels that the plans for the late Marcos for the progress of the country can be carried out by Bongbong Marcos, the son who has mastered his father’s success concept through his performance as a local leader and a lawmaker. He has the wit, the charm, and the surging popularity despite the black media propaganda launched by the Liberal Party against his family. He was close to appointing him in the cabinet but advises the latter to concentrate on his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo so that he can resign as President when he is proclaimed as the real Vice President amidst speculations on his potentially poor health.

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