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Cheating Fiasco: It’s Aquino vs Marcos after all

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From: BINAYBrigade HQ

EVEN before the dust can settle and the smoke can clear amidst the ravages of the continuous annihilation of the country’s moral fibre since 1986 culminating into the most insidious and devilish conspiracy to rob 9 million votes from 9 million hapless Filipinos at the very least via covert operations in the samar-leyte and selected mindanao areas and the willful thievery -execution of transmission of votes from malacanang itself at 10 pm of may 9, 2016 after the garci – tampering of the intramuros – based transparency server at 8 pm of same date – A DIABOLIC LULL OF TWO HOURS WHEN HELL AND DEVILS BROKE LOOSE, THE TRUTH IS NOW EMERGING.

What are those basic truths?

1. The Venezuelan thief destroyed the SANCTITY OF THE
BALLOT on or around 8 pm of May 9, 2016 – UPON ORDERS.
2. AN OLD DESPERATE man padded the votes of yellow candidates at mindanao and samar-leyte areas – OUT OF FEAR OF A CLAN’S POLITICAL BANISHMENT.
3. Malacañang-entrenched saboteurs assisted by the government’s science office operated from 8 pm to 10 pm of May 9, 2016 – IN THE THICK OF THE NIGHT.
4. Transmission resumed at past 10 pm, May 9, 2016 and the devils came to work and the votes of 9 million Filipinos were
desecrated – A MORAL BLOODBATH.
5. The presumptive-President was robbed roughly 3 million votes and the Vice – President, IN ALL HIS MEEKNESS, was deducted 6 million votes – EQUAL TO 9 MILLION COUNTS OF CRIMES.

These acts of TREASON are attacks against our God-given rights and Freedom. It was well planned, but ill-willed. How do we defend? What do we do now as Filipinos?

Often, in our impoverished history, we stood idly by as we always suit ourselves for the present and not for the days and years ahead and beyond.

We are now attacked by LIES. Our one weapon is TRUTH. Another weapon is our firm belief that we are on the side of our GOOD GOD.

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