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China Testing War Waters by Closing Part of South China Sea for Military Use

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
China disrespectfully announced that it’s closing part of South China Sea for Military drills despite the international ruling that it has no sovereignty in the disputed areas and Philippines got the award instead. Hainan province administrator confirmed the closure until July 21, 2016 but did not elaborate the agenda of said exercises – that can be perceived by the United Nations as showing great resistance to the recent ruling.

China already rejected earlier the tribunal’s ruling in the case filed by the Philippines and it also boycotted during the arbitration sessions. The tribunal charged China with violations in the international maritime law because building up artificial islands by reclamation destroying coral reefs and disrupting fishing and oil exploration is illegal. Six countries made claims in their area in the South China Sea – and the Philippines’ winning the case put China into trouble with the neighboring countries.

However, with the advance military facilities, China continues to bully its inferior neighbors thus getting an ultimatum from the United States of America that is ready to defend smaller countries that will be subjected to any attacks by China.


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