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China war starts with seeking for drug suspects in the Philippines

China war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Back channeling to have China’s cooperation seems to be working but this will surely divide the nation once again. It was eminent that the US does not want the Philippines to negotiate with China for obvious reasons – they are warring with them in various sectors including trade, finance, world leadership and many more. It is understandable what Duterte did to pacify China but in the long run, a nation can only love one faction and despise the other.

Ambassador Zhao Jianhua recently disclosed that China and the Philippines have started joint training and intelligence to topple the illegal drugs trade which shows mutual cooperation between the two countries in this arena. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also expressed that he is more interested continuing to have bilateral talks with China for partnerships in various developments.

Duterte’ bloody advocacy has left nearly 2,000 suspects dead up to this time of writing but the data has to be divided between the works of the government forces and vigilantes. He was vocal about saying on TV that the big drug lords are from China – and that’s what the Chinese government is interested with – to nail them down with the country’s cooperation. Sincere or not? Time can only tell.


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