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China’s Pathetic Behavior Ignites Philippine Patriotism

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senate President to be Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III’s statement that the Philippines must “peacefully assert its power of control” over areas in the South China Sea after the historic ruling last July 12 giving the country sovereignty over the disputed areas sounds fair to retain peace – but the Chinese’s bad attitude towards mocking the international law and demanding that Philippines must thrash the verdict into are already too much for the Filipino pride.

Common citizens are saying that despite not having modern warfare technology and equipment, Filipinos never retreated as per history of wars. Filipino heroes are noted to win battles armed only with sharpened weapons. It is not anymore acceptable how China wanted the Filipinos to bow down at them – when in the eyes of the international community, the Philippines has the sole rights over the territories that the Chinese wanted to grab.

But mind you, the Filipinos are not that inferior. The past administration has already set aside budget for security defenses in the dollar treasury. The treaty with Japan to buy, borrow and get training from the Japanese is also in place and can be utilized as soon as needed. Many super powers are also ready to aid the country when attacked so, the Chinese must be the ones to be cautious now that the world is keeping an eye at them.


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