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China’s worrisome move on prosecuting trespassers at South China Sea

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The most bizarre ever warning of China prosecuting so-called trespassers in the Philippine’s side of the South China sea is indeed worrisome as explained by Michael C. Davis, a law professor at Hong Kong University, referring to China’s supreme court’s statement.

Judicial power
The Hague ruling already concluded that China breached the sovereign rights of the Philippines and they must obey which they so far rejected. Even the purported islands created by China are not really islands, but reefs or rocks, that do not qualify for their territorial rights.

Chinese citizens or foreigners who engage in illegal hunting or fishing in the waters will be criminally prosecuted as the court statement reads. Offenders will be imprisoned for at least a year.

China’s move triggered Davis to warn that Filipino fishermen operating in waters the UN tribunal ruled belong to the Philippines could be arrested by Chinese vessels and be “prosecuted contrary to the Hague ruling. So, what will the UN or America will do about that?


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