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It’s a Choice: Du30-Robredo Fit of Rage or this Act of Kindness?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a pity that the country is filled with hatred with what’s going on in the political scene nowadays. The recent Palit Bise rally for once shows another fit of rage between supporters of Du30 and Robredo. Not only that. The pro–administration faction is even more divided when it comes to the VP successor once Robredo is impeached. This case is really going nowhere. It’s hard to admit that Filipinos forgot the act of kindness – especially towards the enemies. After all, it’s a matter of choice. See if you can stop yourself from crying after watching the video:

Youtube video from; Saif Al Azawi
[VIDEO]: Inspirational – Try To Watch Without Crying 95% people cry

Dirty Finger

One sign of hatred is flashed by Arnel Ignacio during the Palit Bise rally last April 2. This can only give a negative feeling. It cannot be good. No cause can be resolved by doing this. A sign that signals the pathetic outcome of supporters dismayed by unfavorable events.

PWD’s Act is not Funny

Instead of getting amused by this PWD’s rap against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, people in who are still balanced can only pity this man. It is a nice thing that he can still perform like that despite his disability – but using it to spread hate cannot give his talent any good.

Tough Beauty

A classic beauty in show business got really tough when she calls for Leni Robredo’s impeachment for allegedly shaming the country to the international community. She’s indeed a warrior but can Filipinos accept that the fragile Filipinas do these sort of things nowadays? Where are those gracious acts? Toughen by time and hardships?

Can you still Cry over Act of Kindness?

By now, if tears do not fall after watching the video, the heart is already hardened. Then it is hard for the mind to understand – but if tears come in so easily, there’s hope for humanity. We all need some acts of kindness to make this country a beautiful place to dwell in. Share this experiment to others and see if the Philippines can be great again!

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