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Clinton: Used to be Obama’s Opponent but now the Woman Securing his Legacy


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state is the Obama administration’s might be tainted with many scandals and allegations to discredit her in the upcoming presidential election – but she is indeed a better candidate now because
President Obama’s administration is making enormous efforts in defending her in any way they can. Clinton is really benefiting from the first line of defense as the woman who would carry on Obama’s legacy – with no traces of the past when they used to compete with each other for the democratic bet in the presidency which Obama had the nod.

The genuine defense and endorsements by the President and his wife Michelle had protected her from bad headlines as current opponent Donald Trump has been battered by criticisms not just from tri-media but also via social media.

There might be incidents of misconducts by Mrs. Clinton during her stint in public office but the Obama administration has been so attentive in mellowing them down by highlighting her strengths instead. A strategy that worked so well thus pissing the Republicans off.


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