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Clinton v. Trump: Labor Day Poll Results favor Hillary

Donald Trump

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Creating jobs, economy insights and more comprised the questions asked by the poll to respondents. Hillary Clinton might have a slim chance to win against Trump but she is still leading. Read the full story below:

Labor Day Poll Results

WASHINGTON — On Labor Day, which presidential candidate would do a better job when it comes to labor — that is, to creating jobs?

A new poll shows it couldn’t be closer: 44% say Democrat Hillary Clinton; 44% say Republican Donald Trump.

A nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds a tie when it comes to what is often the most important issue in a presidential election. That reflects an improvement for Clinton, who trailed the billionaire businessman on handling the economy in the CNN/ORC Poll and other surveys taken before this summer’s political conventions.

Narrow Lead

Clinton now narrowly edges Trump on which candidate is trusted more to broadly handle the economy, 46% to 44%.

Her supporters tend to have a sunnier outlook on how things are going. A 59% majority of Clinton backers say the economy is in recovery; just 7% of Trump backers agree. Instead, a 52% majority of Trump supporters say the country is in a period of economic stagnation, and another 37% say the economy is in recession or depression.

The poll of 1,000 likely voters, taken Aug. 24-29, has a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points.

Wide Advantage in few Areas

Former secretary of State Clinton scores a wide advantage on three other fronts:

• On social issues, she is more trusted by a yawning 20 points, 52%-32%. Even 12% of Republicans say they trust her more on issues such as abortion and gay rights. Her strongest support comes from Millennials, those under 35: 61% trust Clinton more, 24% Trump. Among seniors, 65 to 74, the divide is closer, 44%-34%.

• On national security, the topic of many of the negative TV ads she is airing against Trump, she is more trusted by 50% to 37%.

• And on Supreme Court appointments, she is more trusted by 48%-40%.


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