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To Comelec: 3.2 Million Undervotes – Automated System Failure?

When it happens that some voters did not vote for the Vice Presidential position, it is quite surprising why the total number of 3.2 million undervotes is too high compared to the 1% acceptable rate? If there’s around 40 million registered voters turnout, It should only be around 400,000 undervotes?

Atty. George Garcia from Marcos’ camp, did not specualte that cheating through the server is the main culprit for the undervotes but he was wondering why undervotes are low in Marcos’ bailiwick and too high in areas where Leni Robredo has very large margin against Bongbong. Say for instance in Ilocos region, a Marcos territory only has around 14,000 undervotes but 207,000 were recorded in Visayas and more than 147,000 in Mindanao.

Undervoting is the term used when a voter did not put in a candidate for a particular position. So this does not mean that Marcos assumed that those were his stolen votes – but would like to know why such thing happened because it just did not justify winning or losing for around 200,000 votes when you have 3.2 undervotes. If that is the case then, this kind of automated system is a big failure!


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