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Comelec Knows Hard to Present Physical Evidences of Fraud in an Automated Election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In context, said Andres Bautista, Comelec Chief; it is easy to accuse any candidate of cheating during elections but when it comes to an automated one, there have been no concrete physical evidence presented showing fraud since 2010. This is probably the reason why he is so confident that he can’t be infiltrated with cheating role if he has done any.

Bautista also commented that the media can be one sided depending on who owns the publication and adviced the people to discern which ones are telling the truth. News can be biased depending on which side they are on. He did not say however which side he is on.

As per the script change being illegal, he is putting on the blame to Smartmatic officer, Marlon Garcia citing that he was not fully authorized to do what he has done by the Comelec. Perhaps he was given an impartial task to alter the server?

The last lines in each paragraphs are my takes on the issue. What are yours?


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