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Comelec Needs Additional Time on Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest, Robredo Diverts to Taxes


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipinos urge Leni Robredo’s camp and her cohorts in the Comelec to stop the election protest delay. The Comelec submits a motion for an additional time through the Office of the Solicitor General. Bongbong Marcos just receives a copy of the motion last week. This is when Robredo is too busy making speeches about taxes. She stresses that the rich must pay their dues on time to benefit the poor.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: The lower house has passed the bill that people with Php 250,000 or lower annual are exempted from paying the income tax and other benefits.

Motion for Additional Time

The Comelec filed a Motion for Additional Time to the PET and asked for fifteen days more to comply with the many resolutions. This is acknowledged and served by the Office of the Solicitor General. The delay highly favors Robredo. This has given her a leeway to make speeches about taxes that the government is already dealing with.

Call to the People

Robredo calls on the public to pay the right taxes. They can ease the suffering of the poor, she said. Those living in remote areas, who are dependent on the government’s social services are the beneficiaries, she added. However, the VP should know that people earning more than the Php 250,000 bracket from legitimate companies are automatically deducted with their withholding taxes.

Tax Corruption

Robredo indicates that many taxpayers who own businesses are hesitant to comply because of their hard-earned money just might go to the pockets of government officials. “Why must businesses absorb the costs of corruption?” she asked. She reiterates that taxpayers must not wait for corruption to stop before they pay the right amount of taxes. This is because marginalized people can perish.

Cannot Inspire People

As the Vice President, it could be more appealing if she can help the government to assure people that safety measures are in place to discourage corruption. She can even mention the President’s firing of one of his close friends, the former DILG Secretary, Mike Sueno. Humanity dictates that no one can be motivated to pay their taxes for the welfare of others. In truth, the tax collection of a certain area in Makati must go back to fund the local government’s operational expenses, projects, public facilities and services for its residents first. Then, the rest are distributed to their sister-LGUs.

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