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Communists Via Ninoy Destabilize the Marcos Regime, Same with Drug Lords through Liberal Party vs PDu30

Liberal Party

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Due to Ninoy Aquino’s presidential ambition, he initiates the merger of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army to stage activities that discredit the Marcos regime. Nowadays, because of the president’s war on drugs, drug lords allegedly fund the destabilization against his administration. Why is it that the ones inciting rebellion are Liberal Party members headed by Vice President Leni Robredo? Such an obvious circumstance that the late Aquino’s strategy is now used by his son’s party.

Youtube video by; PINAS TV
[VIDEO]: Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday claimed that some drug lords were funding a destabilization plot versus the President so that they could protect their drug trading businesses.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s Theory

Drug lords bankroll efforts to destabilize the Duterte administration. It is aided by human rights organizations and other groups with legitimate concerns over the conduct of the war on drugs, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said. He added further that with the illegal drug trade now a P20-billion to P500-billion industry, it’s not a surprise for drug lords to fight back with arms and money to stop the administration’s anti-drug campaign.

AMLC Records

Cayetano also discloses that security officials receive information on the alleged destabilization efforts. The senator indicates that some of the information involved financial transactions. This explains why the President warns the Anti-Money Laundering Council to cooperate in the war on drugs.

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Hints of Liberal Party’s Involvement

Most of the top drug lords are not known criminals and are most likely citizens of good standing or philanthropist. So much so that political candidates or groups with legitimate criticisms may not know they receive drug money from them. Cayetano also hit anti-Duterte politicians, particularly Liberal Party members, and former president Benigno Aquino III. They insist that they are not engaged in destabilization despite their vocal inciting to rebellion through speeches like what Vice President Leni Robredo is doing.


Sottos’ Views on Human Rights Complaints by the Liberal Party

For Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, there is something familiar in the reports by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) that portray the president as evil – just like during the Marcos regime when former Senator Ninoy Aquino often discredits him through public speeches here and abroad. It indicates PDu30’s liability for crimes against humanity, particularly for the over 7,000 fatalities in the war on drugs. Sotto said that the figure is inaccurate and misleading. Sotto suspects these groups have an ulterior motive in coming out with the said reports. This brings up a case against the President before the International Criminal Court which is again similar to Ninoy’s human rights accusations against Marcos that the international courts and media tolerate.

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