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Congressman Luis Campos filed the act for married women’s right to retain surname


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There were some criticisms during the past election that married candidates like Grace Poe and Abby Binay used their maiden name instead of their husband’s surname. It is understandable that aspirants for public office will definitely use the name that they are better known of – that would also represent the kind of clan or family ties they belong to or else, voters will have a hard time recognizing them in the ballots. This is not just applicable among political and showbiz personalities but also to career and business women.

Understanding his own wife’s situation, Congressman Luis Campos of Makati authored the act of clarifying the right of married women to retain their surnames. This is an amendment for the purpose article 370 of the Republic Act No. 386, otherwise known as the civil code of the Philippines.

As of July, 27, 2016 it is still pending with the Committee on Revision of Laws.

In real context, Philippines is actually behind from other countries in this issue. Prominent personalities or ordinary working women abroad normally prefer to stick with their single names for continuity of their identity in the professional arena.

Although some Filipinos who are following the ancient tradition closely for the wives to carry their husbands’ names would perhaps need to compromise, in the end it would be their own family also that would benefit with the surname retention especially when the new member is successful in her field – and can’t afford the decline of popularity or even just recognition to be able to continue the authority that’s embedded in her single name. As for Cong. Luis, he is secured enough in his own right to let her wife keep her Binay identity.


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