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How to Cook Healthy Organic Spaghetti Seafood

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Want to live healthy and enjoy tasty food at the same time? Learn this easy cooking recipe. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare but you can savor longer as a meal or snack. All the ingredients listed below are beneficial for the body. So, head on to the kitchen and do these simple steps:

Make sure that you have the following ingredients:
– Spaghetti or Fettuccini pasta
– Garlic
– Onion
– Turmeric Powder
– Black Pepper
– Spicy Chili Sauce in olive oil
– Salt
– Vegetable Oil
– Fish Sauce
– Fresh shrimps or prawns, mussels, squid (not necessarily all)

1. Boil the pasta for 1 or 2 minutes until it is soften but “aldente” or slightly uncooked then set aside after rinsing with tap water or adding a bit of oil to avoid them from sticking with each other
2. In a pan heat up a bit of vegetable oil in a medium flame
3. Fry the finely minced garlic as much as you want until slightly brown
4. Add in the chopped onion until caramelized
5. Add into the mixture the peeled shrimps or prawns, plus other seafood – the more the merrier and saute a bit with the spices until a bit cooked
6. Add in the boiled pasta
7. Sprinkle some salt and fish sauce
8. Dash some Turmeric and Black Pepper Powders (only a bit for children)
9. Mix Thoroughly then put off flame
10. Garnish with spicy chili oil but emit this if feeding children



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