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Corporate Governance may not be applicable in the Duterte-Marcos System

corporate governance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. The key is in the balancing of interests amongst the people involved. As what is seen so far in the Duterte administration, the President seems to have figured out his priorities on how to deal with the country’s problems too extreme losing the balance. How can Bongbong Marcos help to balance things out just like in the corporate governance?

[VIDEO]: See how Duterte and Marcos tandem still possible in the present government.

Late Marcos Burial Settlement

The late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery did not push through in September. It was initially set by the Marcos family last September 18 but the Supreme Court halted it due to various protests. Duterte however, is determined to materialize his campaign promise. It’s just a matter of when.

Indifference with America

Bongbong Marcos discloses in an interview that the Marcos family during the 1987 Revolution though that the US was their friend. To the contrary, the Americans betrayed them. It’s the American media that launched the propaganda that the late Marcos was a fake hero during World War 2. Recently, Duterte announces that he would rather bow down to the King of Thailand than to the Americans.

Division of Labor

While Duterte is preoccupied with his war on drugs, Bongbong Marcos can oversee the enhancements of public services if given the chance to serve – after his one-year ban from public office. This is compulsory to losing candidates. Not unless he will officially be declared the real winner of the Vice Presidential race. The case awaits the decision from PET on the electoral protest he submitted against V.P. Leni Robredo.

No Corporate Governance – like Management under Duterte but perhaps in the Duterte-Marcos Merger

The President’s hard-headedness might have a bit of balance when he gets help from someone he trusts. It had been noted that both agree with the reimposition of the death penalty, stopping “contractualization” and lowering taxes plus many more issues. Their merger might be a myth for many but mind you. There are many Filipinos who believe that their chemistry can work. It can be a dream come true for millions of Filipinos.

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