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Cory Aquino’s Dictatorship: “Freedom Constitution” Replaced Marcos’1973 Charter


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In 1986 former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino abolishes the 1973 Constitution (Marcos’ charter ) and replaces it with the so-called “Freedom Constitution.”  Aquino’s “new” constitution retains the provisions of the 1973 Constitution without the Batasang Pambansa – which is the legislature under the 1973 charter.  That way, Aquino controls both the executive and legislative powers.  The government serves the Cory Aquino dictatorship for the 12 months until 1987.

Youtube video by; University of the Philippines College of Law
[VIDEO]: 9th UP Law Centennial Lecture: Atty. Estelito P. Mendoza on “The 1987 Constitution: A Marcos Legacy?”

PCGG Created by Aquino

The Cory Aquino dictatorship from 1986 to 1987 created the Presidential Commission on Good Government with the sole mission to confiscate the wealth of the Marcos family and their allies. They labeled their possessions as ill-gotten wealth.  The PCGG threatens their victims with writs of sequestration. Many PCGG officials make lots of money using their authority.

Brown Out Capital of the World

The country also became the “brownout” capital of the world after Aquino abolished the Department of Energy. Cory Aquino’s 1986 Constitutional Commission is composed of 50 appointed individuals – not through an election.

Marcos Burial

Despite the monopoly of political allies of President Aquino, the 1987 Constitution as a reactionary charter does not allow Aquino to become an absolute ruler.  It also has many defects. Aside from that, the 1987 Constitution does not ban the burial of President Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery.  The commissioners’ citing the 1987 Constitution in their against in the Marcos burial is very misleading. This is not the first time the pro-Aquino commissioners uses the 1987 charter to mistakenly support their political interests.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

Bangsamoro Basic Law, which is the idea of the late Aquino’s son former President Benigno Aquino III, the commissioners urge Congress to act on the BBL because it is allegedly in accordance with the 1987 Constitution. Luckily, Bongbong Marcos and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who are knowledgeable with the 1987 constitution successfully defend the nation against the loopholes of the BBL that made Pnoy furious.

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