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De Lima – Duterte Feud are Mere Media Frenzy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte was on his way to deliver his first SONA but he deliberately detoured when he realized that he has passed by Senator Leila de Lima. All can de Lima say to him was hi sir because she was so surprised with the friendly and warm gesture! Eventually, after the hand shaking, the President made a joking face which is more humorous than offensive.

This little stir did break the ice and sent everyone who witnessed the event into laughter which is a good sign that these prominent politicians really do have a chance of reconciling after media reports during the campaign period created friction between them.

Duterte and De Lima, former Justice Secretary and chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights – and Duterte also swore that the latter will be investigated regarding her involvement with the drug trade inside Bilibid person. Although cases may be filed just to satisfy those promises, perhaps these cases will just go to nowhere wasting people’s money. So, they bettwe work together.


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