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De Lima got Public Sympathy as Philippine President boasted on matrix, scandals that destroy Filipino image

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s desperate acts on trying to prove that Senator Leila De Lima was the protector of the illegal drugs trade at the Bilibid prison now becoming an entertainment flick among the masses who are into watching science fiction movies like the Matrix. The only difference is, Duterte’s version have lots of pornographic scenes on it with his getting into the alleged sex life of the senator – with his supporters using edited pornographic videos featuring the lady senator’s fake sex scandals – just to malign her reputation.

“It amused me how his men desperately tried to link me to the Muntinlupa connection flick. Where is the so-called drug link or links in this so called drug matrix?” De Lima said.

As we can all see the matrix is just a list of names with dots on it, that prompted De Lima to add: “Like the many tirades against me, these are bound to fail again with all of these trumped up accusations and worst matrix of all time.”

De Lima’s perception that the matrix was a joke is actually too forgiving than the public’s outcry – urging the Philippine President to stop his distasteful approaches in destroying his critic because the truth is, his awful words did not only give a bad impression on him but he also made the general Filipino public image to be a bunch of immoral beings, triggering the comments from Bangladesh – calling Filipinos as thieves and prostitutes.


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