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De Lima is head on against Duterte’s Killing Spree that divides the Nation


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Leila De Lima who is now the subject of humiliation from President Rodrigo Duterte’s character assassination accusing her of having an affair with her driver has now gotten back up after crying “abuse and misuse” of power by the president whose actions are not really fit into the Philippine presidency.

De Lima, knew that she will be in trouble with Duterte’s kind of justice as he can easily “manufacture” evidence against her to connect her with illegal drugs. This would then give the president the license to revoke De Lima’s place in the senate, given that Duterte’s support in the congress and senate is overwhelming – making him the most powerful president in history – if senators and congressmen would tolerate his obviously foul ways.

The senator however pleaded with the president that as she continues the fight for the task that she vowed for and owed from the Filipino people, that he would spare his friends, family, relatives and those people close to her who have nothing to do with their duel.

She has decided to fight with the president head on to defend the constitution and fulfill the responsibilities that she was voted for. Now, the senator has realized to start going against an unfair president who obviously abused his power for all his “wants” – and before we know it, it’s going to be more than 16 million people following her and going against his own followers, thus dividing the Filipino nation unfortunately.


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