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On Death Penalty: Justice System should not be dictated by vengeance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There was this one story of a father whom his beautiful daughter was raped and killed by a mentally deranged man. During the trial, the tough criminal did not show guilt or repentance. The mother screamed at him at the top of her voice but he acted like he did not hear anything. The brother of the victim also wanted to throw a punch on him but he had no reaction. Other relatives were just filled with anger and bullied him as much as they wanted but still he was not affected at all. Then the father’s turn came. He was quoted telling the man this: It was so sad that you did not know how sweet and kind my little girl was. We love her so much and because of that, I forgive you! The man just can’t help it and lamented over what he had done – after hearing those forgiving words. He cried like there will be no tomorrow and was very sorry to the family.

It is a natural thing that if a loved one became a victim of aggression, you also want to see the one responsible for the untimely death to die – to be even or sometimes we call it justice. But then as far as the study went that involved relatives of the victims, death penalty did not help in their healing. There was this sense of emptiness for majority of them and the rest would even drop the case just prior to execution – because they do not want another murder to take place.

On the part of the criminal on death row – he or she can be a loved one of other individuals too – despite the fact that the person has done something wrong, the relationship just don’t go away and the family involved will suffer too much pain and humiliation as well. Children can never understand why their parents have to be killed like that – and then hatred would consume their being, leading them to anger and worst more violence. So, crimes will never stop with death penalty. In fact, it can escalate because if one is killed by lethal injection, many of the loved ones will feel the pain and anger towards the government – and would rather rebel to somewhat ease their pain.

Therefore, death penalty should not be part of the justice system because it dictates vengeance – which is disastrous to the family of the criminal and and will also make moving on with life harder for the victim’s loved ones. Also, can authorities assure that they got the right culprit? We should not forget that many were executed and finally got cleared of the crime filed against them after DNA testing was discovered but it was way too late!


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