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Democracy in Action: Is PCGG under Solicitor General Calida Favorable to the Marcoses?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Solicitor Jose Calida is the fiercest prosecutor of Senator Leila de Lima and strongest defender of the Du30 administration. He seems to give sound decisions when it comes to Marcos-related matters. His ties with the Marcoses was questioned. As the SolGen, he is after the welfare of the people, he said. This is what democracy is all about.

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[VIDEO]: Solgen Calida, nilinaw ang kanyang kaugnayan sa mga Marcos

PCGG under SolGen

The SolGen used to campaign for Bongbong Marcos during the elections. He was also Du30’s political strategist when he was still a mayor in Davao. There’s a bill passed that seeks PCGG to operate under the Office of the Solicitor General. This is, in contrast, to its original purpose to go after the alleged hidden wealth of the Marcoses.

Pro-Bongbong Marcos

As a campaigner for Bongbong Marcos, Calida knows him by heart or else he would not support him. Despite the yellow faction’s false dictatorship accusation against the Marcos Patriarch and the President at the present time, Calida knows very well that these two politicians that he supported in the past are the real Democrats. Not the Liberal Party contrary to their media propaganda.

Objective Dealings Despite Ties

As a Democrat himself, Calida has no problem implementing his job because he is keen on following the principles of democracy. Unlike Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and VP Leni Robredo’s actions, Calida always puts the people’s interest first before his own political party or affiliations.

No Political Concerns

Calida just shrugged his shoulders on the alibi that he will be biased in favor of the Marcoses because of previous ties. He maintained that his concern is just for the welfare of the people and he must perform accordingly. Perhaps, he can be the example to other leaders of the country’s government agencies like the Congress and the Senate to deal with conflicts, situations and even cases in a democratic way.,%20nilinaw%20ang%20kanyang%20kaugnayan%20sa%20mga%20marcos%20-%20reaksyon%20-%203-31-17

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