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Deuterium Deposits: Philippines’ Key from Poverty to Riches

Hilario Andes By: Hilario Andes
The U.S. and Great Britain as supported by Europe are rushing into perfecting the technology for the extraction and use of Deuterium which a vast deposits can be found in the Philippines. The aviation fuel being used today will be a thing of the past. Scientists estimate that 10 gallons of Petroleum refined fuel is equal to only 1 liter of Deuterium.

It is also not known to many that Malampaya 2nd, a British Shell and American Chevron joint venture is going to be in operation soon – producing 5 times more than the Malampanya 1 is producing now. China expressed its interest to have joint venture with the Philippines on this that Western countries disagreed upon.

This is the reason why China stubbornly tried to occupy the whole of West Philippine Sea. They underestimated the strategic approach of the United States. They thought that the Americans will tolerate them over their huge debt to the Chinese government.

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