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Deuterium Explorers Hope to Progress when the Marcoses are Back – Nothing to do with Wealth Beneficiary Campaigns


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Elena Grace Flores


The Filipinos should know by now that get-rich-quick schemes or instant wealth beneficiary promises are not for real. While it is true that the process of securing deuterium exploration permit from the Department of Energy is ongoing, EsMaulana Global Ventures Company, Inc. got nothing to do with the beneficiary invitation via social media. The government-owned brach PNOC has a Memorandum Of Agreement with EMGVCI for the said project. The joint-venture currently awaits the approval of its application for the Exploration Service Contract 64 and the Cotabato Basin. However, this is pending due perhaps to the upcoming Senatorial election in 2019. The group hopes to make progress on this matter when Bongbong Marcos finally wins the electoral protest. He is the author of Senate Bill 408. It also sees a chance on Gov. Imee Marcos as a supporter for renewable energy when she gains a seat in the Senate.

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[VIDEO]: Back to Malacanang interview with Bongbong Marcos and Presidential spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque

Senate Bill 408

Former Senator Marcos first urges the government to use hydrogen fuel since 2010. He also passes Senate Bill No. 408 for its research, promotion, and development in 2013. This, however, receives many criticisms from his detractors. They cite the investment needed by the government but they do not consider the benefits of being an energy-independent nation. The people should, therefore, vote for lawmakers who have the interest of the country and its people. The ones with economic sense can also benefit the nation.

Gratitude to SAP Bong Go

Special Assistant to the President, Bong Go is kind enough to endorse EsMuana’s follow-up letter for the deuterium exploration to President Rodrigo Du30. The Evaluation Section of the Department of Energy may have some concerns about the immediate release of the exploration permit but the group is lucky enough to come across with SAP Go to get this issue closer to the country’s leader.

Deuterium Deposits are the Hidden Wealth

It may take 10 or 20 more years to finally start developing clean hydrogen fuel in the country but this is enough time for the industry to prepare its infrastructure. Take the case of Japan. It already has at least 60 hydrogen refueling stations in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture even without the fuel yet. Eleven companies including Toyota, Honda, and Nissan continue to work together to create a network of hydrogen refueling stations across the country. This is a marketing strategy for MIRAI cars. It means future in Japanese.

Authoritarian Rule is Not Possible in PI

If the President has his way, he definitely wants to start the exploration at the soonest possible time. However, the constitution dictates that all policies must go through the Congress. The DOE certainly has to deal with senators or players holding the pros and cons cards.  It is crucial that voters watch out on this development and note who are for it or against it. Conflict of interest can be a factor in the delay of this wealth generation project.

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