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DILG Exec: The UN Discloses that it Received Letters from the Opposition (LP) Providing Wrong Drug War Data

Drug War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Liberal Party is in a bad light now after the UN discloses that they received letters from the opposition. These contain the wrong drug war data.  A DILG executive said that it is evident that the Liberal Party is the mastermind of the misinformation campaign that aims to destabilise President Du30’s administration. DILG Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing was told by the European Commission panel of the alleged report on massive human rights violations in the Philippines.

Youtube video from; AFP news agency
[VIDEO]: The Philippines comes under global pressure over its deadly drug war, facing calls for action following an alleged wave of extrajudicial killings.

Only One Opposition

There is only one opposition in the Philippines which is the Liberal Party. The history of liberalism dictates that it is strong in Europe,” Densing explained this to reporters. He was part of the Philippine delegation for the universal periodic review at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland last May 8.


The Liberal Party was able to strengthen their relationships and connections with their counterpart’s worldwide because of their full six-year term during the last administration. This proves that the Asian liberals and democrats are strong – as well as their ties in Europe,” Densing said. Naturally, LP party affiliations overseas would want the LP to return to power in the country, he added.

General Report

The Philippine National Police reveals that from June 1, 2016, to May 9, 2017, only around 3,000 are drug-related deaths. They are legitimate police operations. The rest are the works of vigilantes that are outlaws of society. These kinds of killings happen ever since time immemorial due to family feuds, poverty, and cultural conflicts.

Watch the Video on Youtube for the Wrong Info

Westerners particularly Europeans tend to misjudge the president because of the wrong news they receive. If the world continues to react based on what the media say, many more good leaders will be persecuted. It is just so fortunate that the people already have a voice that has no boundaries. This is through social media. When it comes to national security and issues, international bodies must verify first before reacting.