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Discrediting Bongbong Marcos: Who Wrote the Wrong History that the Young Anti-Marcos Protesters Believe?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Listening to the young protesters tell their side and even a teacher who only rely on textbooks as the source of their martial law era history knowledge prove to show that these official educational materials are used to ruin the Marcoses. Who can possibly do it? It can be traced back of course when the textbooks are published and under whose administration? That would be the answer to the question who launched the anti-Marcos black propaganda designed to discourage voters not to allow a Marcos to return to the highest position in the country.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Groups opposing the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani held a vigil in front of the Supreme Court on Friday, November 4. The decision is anticipated on Tuesday, November 8.

Aquino Administration

There were two terms of the Aquinos when the books were released to schools. In fact, up to this date, Senator Risa Hontiveros is still promoting it to schools. Why are they propagating wrongful and malicious information against the strongman? Are they afraid that the general public will know the whole truth? That’s why they are against the Bongbong Marcos Vice Presidency or Presidency for that matter?

Social Media Battles

The anti and pro-Marcos supporters bring their grudges via social media after images were posted during the encounter at the Heroes Cemetery during the burial of the late president. One older pro-Marcos commented a somewhat sexual message to the younger girl who is an anti-Marcos. The media made it a big headline that Pro-Marcos people are threatening to rape the Anti-Marcos. See the problem? That’s what happen during the old days.

Digital Method vs Print

The existence of the online tools nowadays and the evolution of media providers are favoring the Marcoses. If you are a bright student who is into innovation, you just don’t believe what you’ve read or heard from the textbooks or media. You are inclined to make your own research and decide with your own conclusion.

The Marcoses did not steal nor kill

If only, one would be so rightful to know the truth, it is very easy to know that the Marcoses did not steal. In fact. their inheritance was stolen from them by the PCGG. Up to this date, the country benefits from the gold reserves deposited by the late Ferdinand E. Marcos at the World Bank since the 1960s. Even his own family cannot withdraw that because it is documented as the property designated for the welfare of Filipinos. As per the martial law abuses, research about the Philippine Constabulary cases that former President Fidel Ramos was responsible for.

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