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Donald Trump Wins the same Way as Duterte

Donald Trump

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America. Many Filipinos can relate on the way he won the presidential race. He has been declared the winner of the presidency and Secretary Hillary Clinton immediately congratulated him through a phone call. His tone has obviously changed now calling everyone to come together – but will this last, given that Duterte has gone through saying more bad words until at this very moment?

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Lots of Hispanics Changed Mind at Last Minute

Hispanics and other voters who initially said that they are not for Donald Trump for president has changed their minds at last minute and ended up voting for him. What could have triggered the last minute decision?

Mexicans to Pay Taxes

What would the Mexicans do that they will be asked to pay for the boarder walls now? Will Trump push through with this campaign threat or will he be more diplomatic with the Mexicans for foreign relations sake? He did mentioned after the victory that he will see what other nations need first before making any actions. Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin did it.

Hatred Towards Hillary Clinton

It has been evident through the votes that there are really many Americans out there who hate Hillary Clinton. It’s not anymore a speculation. But do they really know what it means for them? America has decided and it’s not just Clinton. Nothing can be done about that but to go through Trump’s every step.

Americans are not Better than Filipinos

The trend in choosing a “different” president has escalated and even in America that many nations looked up to, they are not spared. Just because they are fed-up with the promises of previous governments, they end up voting for someone who is different but necessarily better. Filipinos initially thought that America can do better and Clinton would still win – but it seems like the Americans themselves have fallen into the trap. Good luck for unity because it’s not happening in the Philippines yet.

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