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Dorie Clark’s Reinventing You, Author and Branding Expert

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast by Innovabiz, Dorie Clark, author of “Reinventing You” and “Stand Out” shares with us, ways each of us can stand out and be recognized experts in our field. She includes in her list of clients impressive companies like Google, Microsoft and the World Bank plus Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Click the interview here:

It was from that personal experience of having so many doors shut in her face and having to embrace change many times, that Dorie wrote the book, Reinventing You, for people who want to change careers or who feel like, in some way, their full talents aren’t being recognized. The book provides a toolkit for the reinvention process.
In her new book, Stand Out, she dedicates a whole section on how to make yourself “luckier”. The main premise of Stand Out is that in today’s world of the internet and “open publishing”, there is so much noise that it is hard to get your message across. Stand Out reverse engineers the process by which people have become experts in their field and got their ideas to stand out. Entrepreneurs need to find ways to leverage their capabilities, because there comes a time for everyone, where you can’t do “it all”. You can be the best thinker in the world, you can have the best ideas in your head, you can be the most insightful consultant, accountant, lawyer, web designer or whatever it is, but, if you do not put your ideas out there and communicate them to other people, no one will ever know if you’re any good. You have to have a strong opt-in email list of people, community that wants to hear from you.

Training across disciplines, bringing in insights from different disciplines is something that I would really recommend as a spur to innovation and creativity.


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