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Double Standard: This is the Reason Why VP Leni Robredo is Unpopular


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No Filipino would want a leader that is a self-confessed scavenger in America. Gone were the days when Filipinos had their heads up high whenever the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ speaks in international events. Also, his better half, the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos was the envy of the world leaders’ wives. Just as when Senator Trillanes becomes the country’s menace through BBC, Robredo is on her second embarrassment following her false speech at a UN side event that almost got her impeached. She again displays her double standard.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Robredo’s US trip is not at all glamour in a charity event fundraising. She was also a scavenger for her daughter’s school supplies in Boston.

FASO Elite Event

The Filipino American Symphony Orchestra or FASO held its inaugural awards gala recently at the Mary Pickford Estate and Robredo was its guest of honor. Select attendees participated in a meet and greet ceremony with the vice president. During the dinner, she addressed the crowd about the progress of her office’s anti-poverty program.

US Trip Controversy

Robredo’s overseas trip was not without controversy. Protestors called on her in the community where the event was being held. Various bloggers questioned her attendance in the occasion. This prompted FASO’s board members to reiterate that the funds that they raised are for the orchestra and its music education programs.

American Drama

Robredo’s double standard is already common in her day to day function as the questionable VP. She was once the simple public servant who continues to ride the bus going back to Naga after she was proclaimed. This quickly changes when she decided on the venue for her OVP, the Boracay Mansion. Now, the most contrasting story. One day she was shoulder to shoulder with the elite and a few days after, she was a scavenger in Boston for her daughter’s school supplies.

She Belongs to the Trash

The intention is not clear on Robredo’s American drama. Is she trying to get sympathy from the people after being criticized for her socialite stunt? Nevertheless, one point is clear. She is unpopular because she belongs to the trash. She’s never genuine and the people are longing for the pure spirits, compassionate hearts, and elegance of the Marcoses – not because of what they have, but because of their gracious and intelligent character.

Robredo graces Los Angeles fundraiser of only Filipino orchestra outside PH

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