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Drug War: Families heartbroken, jails swamped, rehab centers overwhelmed

drug war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Can you really sleep well at night with President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war? Listen to people in most marginalized neighborhoods. Denial wouldn’t help. These are happening in the country right now.

[VIDEO]: Who says Filipinos sleep well at night with Duterte’s harsh campaigns against the illegal drugs trade? See these sights in the neighborhood…

Killing Criminals is Wrong

Don’t you want criminals killed? Perhaps you think that the country will be safer without them. But in some instances, perceived criminals are actually the good ones. The authorities who killed them can be the bad guys.  So, peace can never be attained this way. Violent drug war results to nothing but chaos.

Drug Addicts need Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of drug addicts who surrender is a must.  Since we do not have enough facilities, they are just required to sign their confession. They can go home after that but they bring with them the fear for their lives.


Provoking Statements are Disgusting

Human rights activists surely detest the president’s popularized statements. He vowed to kill drug criminals. Blames the media for writing as heard from him. Citing that he’s just joking and other alibis. The reality is, Duterte is guilty of saying something but means another. Statesmen should know that it’s improper and dangerous to do that.

Stop the Drug-related Crimes without Killings

Devastations of the slain men’s families loom neighborhoods. It traumatizing when witnessing one. This are not scenes in a peaceful and safe country. It is good to stop drugs crime. But can we do it without killing? Killing a criminal will not make you good. It can only make you a human rights violator!


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