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Du30 Armies Determined to Repeat Successful Rally to Oust Leni Robredo Despite Bomb Threat

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supporters of the president at the wee hours of April’s Fools Day already start to gather in different places for the April 2 Luneta rally in Manila to call for the impeachment of Leni Robredo from the VP post for alleged betrayal of public trust. This is after a Robredo supporter discloses on Facebook that they are planting bombs in the said venue which is now under NBI surveillance. Robredo and some Liberal Party members also head off to South Africa for a Women’s Conference last March so explaining her absence in the country during the said protest against her.

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Mocha Uson’s Call

Mocha Uson, a pro-Duterte blogger, and entertainer announced repeatedly on Twitter and Facebook the said  “Palit Bise: Suporta sa Presidente” gathering in Luneta after Robredo delivered a harsh video message to the United Nations or UN criticizing the government over the rampant extrajudicial killings in the country with the wrong details and information as corrected by the PNP.

Robredo’s Escape?

Robredo is the keynote speaker at the conference in South Africa. She also attends a roundtable discussion on corruption with the South African parliament. Joining Robredo in the delegation are lawmakers whom many are members of the Liberal Party or LP including its president, Senator Francis Pangilinan. Many speculations arise from this. Some say that she stays away for her safety depending on the outcome. Others are contemplating that it is their excuse not to be blamed if terrorist acts happen during the big protest.

Bomb Scare

Most of the president’s supporters, however, feel that the bomb threat is just to scare protesters away from Luneta on April 2. This is the reason why many of them opt to gather in advance. This is to make sure that they will get a high number of people at the venue. Once others see a growing crowd even before the 4 pm official time, this can enhance more attendees to finally join who are hesitant.

The President Assures Leni Robredo: He Does not Support the Impeachment

Robredo maintains that she only based her figures from the reports of international agencies such as the Human Rights Watch and the Amnesty International which are hearsays. She also said that the figures from the PNP are inconsistent that confused her. The president is forgiving on her actions and assures her that he does not support the impeachment complaint against her. They are scheduled to have dinner after the Holy week with their families.

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