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Duterte to Aquino on Mamasapano: Why CIA instead of the Philippine Army? Aquino Needs to Check Who?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A commander-in-chief who is concerned with the welfare of his men knows every detail of a dangerous military operation just like the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos, according to his son Bongbong Marcos. Former president Benigno Simeon Aquino III needs to check facts before he can answer President Rodrigo Duterte’s Mamasapano inquiries. This is a clear indication that he is not on top of the operation but the suspended General Purisima.

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[VIDEO]: Pnoy needs time to answer Duterte’s Mamasapano inquiries but will answer point to point after checking facts.

CIA and not the Philippine Army?

BS Aquino denies that the Mamasapano encounter is not a CIA operation by the Americans. Duterte alleged that Pnoy hides this fact from the Filipino people. Therefore, an investigation is needed to really determine if the CIA is involved in the clash.

Why Use the Suspended Purisima

Duterte also alleges that  Pnoy bypassed the PNP CEO Espina and DILG secretary Mar Roxas at that time. He let a suspended general execute his orders instead and blames the PNP-SAF Chief, Getulio Pascua Napeñas for the troubles done, by saying that he said yes to the orders but did not fulfill them.

Why Ask What could have been Done After?

President Duterte witnesses Aquino’s asking a general what could have been done if he is in the situation – when the SAF 44 are already dead. He criticizes this because it shows that he is not on top of the situation but still pursues it. It’s like feeding those men to the wolves.

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Blaming Napeñas

Aquino did answer President Duterte’s Mamasapano question but did not give justification on Purisima’s involvement. He once again pinned down Napeñas who lashes back that he has no balls to take responsibility for his mistakes. He stresses that the former president gave the orders through Purisima but did not take action on the proper military coordination that led to the demise of the 44 elite Special Action Force men.

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