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If Duterte is Assasinated, Robredo cannot be President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vying on the saying; when there’s smoke, there’s fire, there could be some truths on the warnings via social media that illegal drug operators are joining hands in toppling President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. It’s also reported by the Inquirer online that crime lords in Bilibid prison are raising 1 Billion pesos to reward Duterte’s killer.

Anyhow, they are barking on the wrong tree. In fact, Duterte is not only ready to lose the presidency but also his life if his principles are compromised. So, it’s just a matter of how fast Duterte can move to retain the presidency within the people that he trusts – to beat those who are after his life to be able to steal the position from him and give it to their puppet.

One thing is certain, if Pnoy vowed to do everything even the most evil way to stop Bongbong Marcos from occupying the two top positions in the land – Duterte is more determined to safeguard the position so that in time, it will go to the rightful occupant of the highest government seat and for him, it’s no other than Bongbong Marcos. As per Leni Robredo? Well, all the odds are against her from electoral fraud to Comelec law violations.


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