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Duterte: Bongbong Marcos not affected by Martial Law Trauma

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No more hiding from the truth. President Rodrigo Duterte is Bongbong Marcos’ greatest endorser. He is looking forward to his installation as his Vice President as soon as PET declares his win in the electoral protest he filed against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Youtube video by: Inquirer

[VIDEO]:The millions of votes for defeated vice presidential candidate and former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. could be an indication that there’s no longer trauma among Filipinos during the martial law years, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

No more Martial Law Trauma

President Duterte is certain that the martial law trauma did not affect Bongbong Marcos.  His millions of votes during the last election says so. Even if there’s alleged cheating that happened as perpetrated allegedly by the Liberal Party, there’s only around 200,000 voted difference between Robredo and Marcos.

Duterte’s Safety

During the election campaign period, Marcos revealed that with him as Vice President, Duterte will be safe. The enemies would rather have Duterte as president than Marcos. This is crucial at the moment when Duterte is threatened by possible assassination due to his tough drug war campaign or be outed by the international court for inciting to killings which he denied.

Bongbong Marcos walked through the Flames

Bongbong” Marcos walked through those flames of criticisms regaining his popularity in Philippine politics. Marcos survived the Edsa revolution years initially from the solid Marcos north as representative, for Ilocos Norte and then governor of Ilocos Norte before becoming a senator, according to Inquirer.

Marcos is still popular

Millions voted for Marcos during the Vice Presidential race, because despite the namesake, he remains humble and reachable especially in his hometown. His qualities as a person are also the traits that most Filipinos are looking for in the leadership arena. Many believe that his plight will be different from his father. He has the trust of most Filipinos.

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