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Duterte Corrected supporters that Hague Victory is Aquino’s Achievement

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Before Duterte supporters can again officiate a credit grabbing stint on social media in favor of President Rodrigo Duterte as they always do, the president himself already clarified the issue and stressed that we should be thankful to former President Benigno Simeon III or Pnoy as he is popularly known for his ordering the filing of the West Philippine Sea dispute at the U.N. tribunal and for selecting the right people as delegates at the Hague during series of sessions that China ignored.

Hw himself was noted thanking Pnoy during the recent NSC meeting, which was designed for the maritime dispute between Manila and Beijing discussions, among other national security issues. He will make sure that Aquino will go down in history as the Philippine president who took China to court and won the case. Arroyo and Ramos advised the President to be cautious in moving forward with the implementation of the international decision.

So again, Duterte supporters should listent to their president and hopefully will not anymore do credit grabbing that made him look bad. The President repeated in Tag-Lish for those who cannot understand much English:
“Si President Aquino, he won for us the case kaya ako nagsabi, ‘Maraming salamat po for giving us the ace card.’ It was he who filed, it was upon his instructions.” Duterte said this in front of soldiers on Thursday, July 28, in Camp Nakar in Lucena City, Quezon.


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