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Duterte even wants a Dead Drug Eliminator Judge he accused as Protector to Surrender to Him in Hell

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Judge Roberto Navidad of Regional Trial Court 32 in Calbayog City, Samar was killed by a gun man on Jan. 15, 2008 inside his vehicle after he buying medicines in Calbayog. Justice for his death has not been served yet since the killer remains unidentified. However, another big blow to the family came when Duterte tainted the reputation of the departed judge when he was included in the President’s obviously unverified most wanted list of the illegal drug trade protectors.

“That is a big lie. The reason why he was shot to death was because he fought with the drug lords in Calbayog City,” his nephew, Elias Navidad Acosta, who is working as court sheriff at the Regional Trial Court-Branch 7 based in the city, texted. “He was my uncle. I know him from head to foot. He was not a drug protector. He was a drug eliminator or a drug buster. That is why he was shot dead by these syndicates,” Acosta said. His death 8 years ago was very painful already to his loved ones and now come an ambitious president mocking him.

Acosta is still the sheriff of RTC Branch 7 in Tacloban where Navidad was presiding judge for 10 long years before his transfer to the RTC Branch 32 in Calbayog. He also served as judge of the RTC-32 in Calbayog for more than five years just before he was killed in 2008. He was also mayor of MacArthur town in Eastern Samar from 1972 to 1979, then began his law practice. In 2007, Navidad announced his plan to run for vice governor of Eastern Samar but abandoned the plan later. His family is now living in the United States. Can Duterte have the guts to apologize to them or is he determined to let the dead judge surrender to him in hell when he becomes successful in kicking Satan off?


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