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Duterte Idolizes Marcos as well as follows his Bad Example

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Contrary to many objections, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was really the greatest president the Philippines ever had – but he was not perfect. He had flaws too. One of this is devulging names of officials in public that he wanted to be removed from their posts. San Beda College of Law Dean Fr. Ranhilio Aquino warned that Duterte is doing the same. If Marcos was fond of doing that in his Luneta speeches, Duterte is the same but in different venues.

Humiliating suspected people in public does not do them and their family justice. This is an oppression of human rights. Rights to defend themselves and to have privacy. They would not have the same mechanism as the President to fight back. They can only go through the proper forum and it will take a while before they are indicted or found guilty of the crime filed against them.

It is a remarkable thing that Duterte idolizes Marcos because of the brilliant things he had done for the progress of the country during the golden age era – but instead of learning from his mistakes, the president opted to follow the same mistakes again. That would be the case of not gaining the wisdom from the history of our forefathers which is a pity. This is the reason why so far, his promise for the big change is unlikely to be realized because he tends to follow the old Marcos path that will bring him to his failure. Perhaps, Bongbong Marcos already learned from the mistakes of his father – thus having a great chance for progress when his time comes.


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