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Duterte Impeachment Adventure? No Way!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez confidently said that if you try to impeach a strong leader, it’s like having an adventure – that would surely lead you into trouble before starting it because President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will not take it lightly.

Duterte now has control of the 17th Congress, with Alvarez being backed up by at least 200 lawmakers in the 290-member lower chamber and in another branch, PDP-Laban’s Senator Aquilino Pimentel IV also secured the support of around 16 senators for the Senate Presidency race against Duterte’s own, Cayetano, his running mate. So, whichever way, Duterte would still gain power in the senate.

Impeachment is a way to remove high-ranking public officials and it does not spare the president on misconduct, abuse of power or betrayal of public trust grounds – where the House of Representatives can initiate and the Senate to try and decide on its rulings. So, having absolute power in both branches, Duterte’s impeachment is a dead end. No way indeed!


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