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Duterte: Should launch “Do or Die” War with China to prevent Filipinos illegally fishing in Indonesia

Filipino illegal fishing

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As President Rodrigo Duterte is busy attacking detractor, Senator Leila de Lima and exposed her alleged illicit affair with her driver, Indonesian authorities sank approximately eight boats recently to commemorate the country’s national day as this giant southeast Asian nation cracked down on illegal fishing in their territories.

The sunk eight illegal fishing vessels belong to the Philippines. Filipino fishermen still cannot fish from own marine sea bed rich in fishes and natural resources because they are guarded by the Chinese coast guard after they refused to honor the South China Sea ruling from the Hague. They were stopped at the North Maluku province and North Sulawesi province where their boats were destroyed.

Indonesia has vowed to tackle the illegal activities with tough action just like Duterte’s war on drugs.
Earlier this year, Indonesia and the United States announced a partnership program to improve marine law enforcement and cut down illegal fishing. However, the Indonesians still have the hurt sunk the vessels by patching holes in them, instead of blowing them up, authorities because bombing the boats will damage the environment.

This is a great time for the Philippine’s Duterte to show that he is not only interested in sex and gossips to destroy enemies but also to provide the rightful fishing area to his own Filipino fishermen. Put China in their own perspective – do or die like in the war on drugs.


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