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Duterte like Marcos Leads ASEAN to Regionalism that Brings out the Best of Asia


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte is clear in his call to not allow interference from other countries specifically from America and China with regards to matters in the region. This is in line with China’s quest to seek bilateral relations and sort disputes through direct dialogues and not through the international tribunal court such as the UN.

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[VIDEO]: Interference of other countries in ASEAN is discouraged by President Duterte through the dialogue partners in terms of security, peace, and progress.

Peace Treaty Reminder

The peace treaty was originally signed into force in 1976 by the leaders of the original members of ASEAN, including then-Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos. Duterte reminded member countries of their commitment to the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation and urged them to observe “non-interference in promoting regional peace and stability, with respect for rule of law.”

No External Interference

ASEAN chairman Duterte emphasizes shared goal to ensure stability and security from external interference to negotiate peace and order. This way, Asian countries preserve national identity.


ASEAN’s own people at the core work for peace and stability in the region. Pursue maritime security and cooperation on the seas. Advance inclusive, innovate. strengthen ASEAN resiliency and promote ASEAN as a model of regionalism

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Duterte-Marcos Way

Duterte shows that Marcos is after all not a dictator. He is someone who is only after the welfare of his own people. Someone who is willing to sacrifice to save his people even through martial law – and Duterte is not letting his good deeds vanish in vain as shown in the ASEAN dialogue.

International Realities and Philippine Foreign Policy Under Ferdinand Marcos

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