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Duterte is likened to Trump like a Wild Card by French Panels


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The insults of President Rodrigo Duterte directed to U.S. President Barack Obama are something that other governments should worry about. As per Obama, Duterte is just a colorful guy and policies will depend on what the officials in charge of certain issues will confirm. Philippine democracy in the Republic system dictates that it’s the people’s mandate that matters. Not the president’s decision alone.

Youtube video by: FRANCE 24 English

[VIDEO]: France’s political panelists comment on the issues between Duterte-Obama-Trump. Duterte and Trump are not taken seriously and considered as personalities that ignite the public.

Duterte and Trumo as Wild Cards

The French political analysts compared Duterte with trump. He said thar Obama has nothing to worry about when it comes to Duterte because he is just like Trump. Popular with crowds because of different approaches but they don’t hold policies detrimental to foreign relations.

Believe what theofficials say and not Dutertes Public threats

Duterte was noted many times to say something and then retracts or apologizes later on. Besides, policies of a democratic country will not rely on the President alone – but with the ca, binet, centae, congress and the people’s mandate.

Americans dont believe Trump

When Trump declared that he would charge Mexicans taxes or let them pay the wall that will serve as the bordeline of the 2 countries, people do not believe him but were excited to listen and see declarations and actions that are funny, provoking and different. In truth, people think that he does not have a concrete policy to be able to collect from the Mexicans.

Trump and Duterte

Trump and Duterte may be different from traditional politicians but one cannot be compared with the other. Their principles and mentalities are not the same. But truly both are crowd drawer.


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