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Duterte Listen: Killing a Suspected Criminal is a Crime before Conviction

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, Dean of San Beda Law School said; “Killing others before they are convicted is also a crime”. It’s no less a crime so don’t justify your extra-legal killing of another person by saying he’s a suspected criminal element. Suspected means, there’s no evidence of the crime yet.

It is disturbing to read the news about a father and a son who were brought at the Pasay police station to answer allegations on drug-related cases but they both ended up dead inside the police station itself. It was alleged that the son grabbed the policeman’s gun and because he was bigger, the police was forced to shoot him. This explaination only showed how intolerant and uncapable our policemen are – despite the event taking place in their own territory. Can’t they not do martial arts?

Now, who is going to take care of the surviving family members of these two fatalities? When will the Committee on Human Rights move to counteract this? If Duterte is so scary, then why not organize a facility to counsel and provide for the victims’ dependents? Is this the change that the 16 million Duterte voters are hoping for?


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