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Duterte lost his credibility when defensive over including the dead in his list


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No matter how President Rodrigo Duterte defends the mistake of his intelligence group in the inclusion of a judge who died 8 years ago in his most wanted list for illegal drugs involvement – and urged them to surrender just made him look like a fool. It could have been easier to say sorry and I will make sure that the officers who submitted the list will get a bad blow – but he opted to preserve his ego by saying that they already knew long time ago about their crimes that’s why they are there – but the president as we all know, did not even know that he will run for president and win. He was obviously desperate in trying to discourage Supreme Court (SC) Chef Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s inquiry.

Why not include the names of the dead culprits? Duterte asked and defended their actions further. He might be a lawyer but he seems not know that when a person dies, his crimes if there’s any will die with him. There’s no point anymore to investigate the dead because no one can make him or her liable for it.

The president obviously trusts the work done by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Dir. Isidro Lapena and National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana which is very dangerous – because the public already knew that they are incompetent.

Sereno stressed that the source and basis of his listare important.She also added that they are investigating a judge with possible links to the illegal drugs trade but he is not on the President’s list and the ones who are in his list are clean their records. “Premature” humiliation will definitely lead to unwarranted effects on the concerned judges’ credibility that can never be returned even if they are not convicted in the end.


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