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The Duterte-Obama Breakup – What’s in it for Filipinos?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s threatens to “break up” with the US anew. President Barack Obama can “go to hell”; he added. Duterte’s latest remarks came just as the US and the Philippines started joint military exercises – which is assumed to be the last.


[VIDEO]: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tells Obama to go to hell – and threatens to breakup with Obama.

Criticisms on the President’s War on Drugs

Durterte heats up when Obama criticized his anti-drug campaign. Thousands of suspected drug dealers and users have died during his aggressive crackdown on the illegal drug trade. Some were killed during shootouts with local police when suspects allegedly resisted arrest. Others died in nightly vigilante-style killings, where bodies are left on the streets with cardboard signs describing their alleged drug-related crimes.

Duterte assured the police that he will Protect them

During his recent speech in front of the military, he assured them that no police will go to jail following his orders. He will go to jail first or be ousted before they can do that; he vehemently said. The UN previously stated that words like those lines are actually inciting violence. Duterte obviously disagreed with that saying that there’s no law prohibiting to threaten criminals.

Not an American Puppet

Duterte told the crowd that if the US will can its military aid to the Philippines, then they can go ahead. He is not an American puppet. He’s the president of a sovereign country and answerable only to Filipinos. Are these words confirming the souring US-Philippines ties?

He cannot be Stopped

The Filipino president Duterte vowed that he won’t stop his anti-drug crackdown “until the last pusher is taken out of the street.” He has the good intentions for the next generation – but his strategies are obviously wrong. Violence can never solve problems. Unless he becomes an economic magician, the Filipino people can suffer more due to the breakup of Duterte and Obama.

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